The Writings
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The Writings

The history of Jesus comes to us exclusively from the 4 gospels.  This fact alone makes the story suspect.  Such a huge super-hero story and no one person wrote about any of the super events!
The 27 books of the NT are attributed to 8 authors that contain over 200 admitted forgeries.

Con's Creating "God's Word"
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Con Creating “God’s Word”

At the time of the formation of Christianity there were about thirty Gospels, and over 200 other books which were considered.  The writings chosen by the Catholics at the Council of Nicea were, according to Christian scholars, alledgedly written 40 to 70 years after the death of Jesus.  Secular scholars say much later, around 200 years after the death of Jesus.  All eye witnesses would have been dead by the time of any writings.

Former New Testament
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In 160 C.E. the Bishop of Melito of Sardis went to Judea to find the legendary Christian Church.  What he found was that there was NO DECENDANTS of any of the aledged apostles.  (Ludemann,G 1995, 31).  He found a small group of Gnostics who called themselves Ebonites (poor men).  They had their own sacred texts;


Gospel of the Ebonites,

Cons Empire
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Jesus Historical?


Everyone loves a story.  They don’t even care if it’s false, as long as it is entertaining.  If someone says it’s a true story, they will believe it because it was such a good story.

The HERO story

The ultimate story for the everyday man is the “idol worship HERO” story.