Underground Bases
Underground base
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Capitol of War
Capitol of War
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The City/State of "the Vatican" is  - the world Capitol of Religion.

The City/State of "the City" in England is  - the World Capitol of Finance.

And ...

  the City/State of "Washington D. C." is  - the World Capitol of ... WAR.


Year-by-year Timeline of America’s Major Wars (1776-2011)

1776 – American Revolutionary War, Chickamagua Wars, Second Cherokee War, Pennamite-Yankee War

1777 – American Revolutionary War, Chickamauga Wars, Second Cherokee War, Pennamite-Yankee War





“All Men are Created Equal ………. and are born with certain inalienable rights.” Oh, and how about the criminal act of kidnapping (and murder). That must be there somewhere also in the constitution.

False Flags

False Flags

False Flags

The U.S. Government starts many false flag operations. A false flag is where a government stages a violent act and blames it on the country they want to attack.

Hitler did False Flags to start his conquering and which eventually lead to World War One and World War Two.  Hitler and Mussolini were backed by the Vatican.

U.S.S. Liberty
USS Liberty
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