I have been told that the antennas now cover three times as much area as depicted in these pictures.

The drought in the U.S. isn't because of nature. Maybe it's the Chinese doing it to us............

There has been a drought over North Korea for 5 years (billed as the worst drought in 100 years).

The Chinese have accused the U.S. of creating their big earthquakes. They say there was funny things going on in the sky and lightnings and cloud formations.

The Russians accused the U.S. of creating the extensive forest fires in their country by using HAARP on them.

Iran accused the U.S. of tampering with their weather saying that the rain clouds burst and rain right before their borders and doesn't come into Iran anymore ........

"We control the weather," .... American General.


The pictures that follow are the HAARP that China has.

The Chinese HAARP called HAALP

40.405098, 93.635917 google coordinates

Chinese haarpChinese haarpHAARP