9-11 was to show the leaders of the world our particle beam weapon.

For now a quick explanation.

All concrete and steel was turned to pulverized dust.  No chunks of concrete were found.

The planes were holograms of military planes projected from the military plane that was seen flying around in circles by many people. This explains why no parts of the plane could be seen falling outside of the buildings. Also explains the flash from the building before the planes hit the building. It also explains the protrusions on the bottom of the aircraft that only military planes have.

There was an engine of a plane found on Murry Street???. Since the engine landed 5 large blocks away from Ground Zero (after it went through the building) the FBI can't say the engine was vaporized. Where is it today? Ditto for the Pentagon JT8D engine that was identified that was NOT from Flight 77 (but from a 737) . So that info was hushed up. It is impossible for those planes to fly at the speeds clocked by the FAA towers because of the drag produced from the dense air at that low altitude. However a subsonic cruise missile flys at the clocked speed.

There were explosions inside the buildings prior the collapse of buildings. The finale trigger was from one of our pulse/particle beam satellites to show the world leaders our power. That is why there was so much pulverized dust and no pieces concrete . Watch the videos of the ground. Also that is why there was molten steel everywhere for over 100 days, and clean up of those areas had to wait until the molten heat stopped.

It appears that something went wrong with their plan and the hologram stopped working.......so they just collapsed building 7 anyway......or they did it purposely just to show the other governments how they can con their people even with bold evidence against them ...... The American people are truly dumbed down.

Oh don't forget they found Ata's passport in the debris from the fallen towers.

The alleged hijackers apparently were not on board the aircraft! Their names were not on any passenger manifests – yet shown. The ‘names’ of at least seven of the alleged hijackers were discovered to be still alive – with no questions being asked about whom the real hijackers were. No attempt has been made to discover the “known terrorists.”


At the 9-11 Pentagon, the world witnessed a fire and suggestions of explosions. Airport fire trucks rushed to the scene of a purported “crash” site – without discovering an airplane. There is no viable evidence of burning jet fuel. They just produce the statement, "They say it was an airplane."  The pre-collapse Pentagon section showed no ‘forward-moving’ damage. The damage is at the wrong location. The expected “crash” damage doesn’t exist.  The section of the Pentagon hit was the section that was undergoing renovation.  

There was no particular physical evidence of the expected “wreckage.” There was no tail, no wings; no damage consistent with a big B-757 “crash.” Even the Pentagon lawn was undamaged! The geometry of the day certifies the ‘official’ account as a blatant lie. The few aircraft parts discovered at the Pentagon are highly suspect. The dramatic “witness” accounts lack supporting physical evidence – with the exception of those who described the incredibly few aircraft parts.

All images show that the building wasn’t aggressively searched for survivors. Lacking any ‘expected’ clues, one is left to ask Who said this was an airplane crash, in the first place?


9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 1 - Vid

9/11 Conspiracy (Undeniable Evidence) Pt 2 - Vid


Chapter 1   - What went wrong with the investigation? 

Chapter 2   - When nobody knows nothing, we are all experts 

Chapter 3   - The Location and Structure 

Chapter 4   - The Attack 

Chapter 5   - The Towers Collapse 

Chapter 6   - After the collapse 

Chapter 7   - Analysis of collapse 

Chapter 8   - Could it really be a scam? 

Chapter 9   - The Pentagon Plane Crash 

Chapter 10   - The Phone Calls 

Chapter 11   - Is our government corrupt or inept? 

Chapter 12   - More on JFK 

Chapter 13   - What happens now? 


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