Christian beliefs have resulted in diverse Fraternal Organizations with leaders who perpetuate illusions.

[caption id="attachment_2431" align="alignnone" width="600"]Prince Edwards at Mason ceremony Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent at a Masonic ceremony at Earls Court in London.
Freemasonry, which traces it's modern origins back to the sixteenth century is based on principles of fraternity and secrecy. Members are sworn to keep silent on their activities and make themselves known to other Freemason's by way of signal (often a handshake).[/caption]

Catholics have their Jesuits.  Protestants have their Masons.

A recent survey found fourteen percent of Southern Baptist pastors and 18 percent of board deacons are Masons.

Jesus Saves the KKK
Jesus Saves
The Cross
Result of worshiping a graven image (and believing a Novel to be true)