First Fragment

And it came to pass, when the Lord had come up from the water, the entire fountain of the Holy Spirit descended and rested upon him and said to him, "My son, in all the prophets did I await thee, that thou mightest come and I might rest in thee; for thou art my rest; thou art my firstborn Son that reignest for ever."[2]

Second Fragment

Just now my mother the Holy Spirit took me by one of my hairs and bore me up on to the great mountain Tabor.[3]

Third Fragment

He who seeks will not stop till he find; and having found, he will wonder; and wondering, he will reign; and reigning, he will rest.[4]

Fourth Fragment

And be ye never joyful save when ye have looked upon your brother in charity.[5]

Fifth Fragment

... he is set down among the greatest criminals who hath grieved the spirit of his brother.[6]

Sixth Fragment

And when the Lord had given his linen cloth to the servant of the priest he went to James and appeared unto him. For James had sworn that he would not eat bread from that hour wherein he had drunk the cup of the Lord until he saw him rising again from the dead.

..."Bring a table and bread."

And he took up the bread and blessed and broke and afterward gave to James the Just and said to him, "My brother, eat thy bread, for the Son of Man is risen from them that sleep." [7]

Gospel of Hebrews